Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Café Fyren - Bjuröklubb Natural Reserve.

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots

As the summer season arrives, enjoying a meal outdoors with a spectacular view becomes an essential experience. While delicious food remains crucial, the atmosphere, surrounding attractions, and picturesque vistas truly set the scene. Here are Marina Georgescu’s top 10 recommendations.

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Alhems Trädgård

Alhems Trädgård

Alhems Trädgård is one of the best pizzerias in town, with barely a mention of kebab meat or hamburgers in sight, also serving delicious Italian gelato to cool you down during hot summer days. The eclectic and cozy decor adds to the eating experience, and the restaurant’s beautiful garden makes it a favorite for both young and old.


Next door neighbor to Rustique, Bryggargatan is a bit pricier but definitely worth it. Depending on your mood and budget, this bistro offers high-end creations with

northern inspiration. Excellent service and the possibility to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the view of the river add to the dining experience.

The Corner

The Corner offers the coldest beer in town, with a view of the main square and the majestic Sara kulturhus. They update their menu in summer, but a very good choice is their “moules frites” You will not be disappointed!

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Mandel Restaurant – Summer terrace

Mandel Restaurant – Summer Terrace

Mandel Restaurant offers good food, and last year was the first time they opened their terrace. It’s a nice place to have a drink and enjoy some tapas with a stunning view of the main square and city. When you look up, the beautiful glass facade of Sara, Sweden’s tallest wooden building, is very impressive!

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Café Fyren – Bjuröklubb Natural Reserve

Café Fyren – Bjuröklubb Natural Reserve (via Lövånger)

If you have a car and are willing to travel 60kms outside Skellefteå city, this place is a must! The beautiful hike, with breathtaking scenery, leads to a lighthouse that you can even book to stay in. At the foot of the lighthouse walkway is a cozy café with good quality Swedish dishes. The sculpture of ”The Mermaid” (Sjöjungfrun), a nearby landmark – a good photo opp. Finally, one of the best beaches in Skellefteå kommun, Storsand (see our feature ‘Discover Skellefteå’s scenic swim spots’), is nearby, making this the perfect destination for a day trip.

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Furuögrunds Hamncafé

Furuögrunds Hamncafé (via Byske)

Furuögrunds Hamncafé offers great shrimp sandwiches with a fantastic view of the sea and the marina. You can also explore the area’s history and nearby beaches, such as Byske havsbad, for example.

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Kurjovikens Sjökrog

Kurjovikens Sjökrog (via Skelletehamn)

Kurjovikens Sjökrog has long been known for its excellent food, with several tasting menus inspired by themes and Norrland ingredients. Although the restaurant has recently changed ownership, it still offers a beautiful view of the sea. It’s a great place to have a drink and enjoy the view since it’s very near Skellefteå, halfway to Skelleftehamn. It’s worth exploring and forming your own opinion about this place.

Summer eats: 10 scenic foodie spots
Skråmträsk Kvarn

Skråmträsk Kvarn (via Klutmark)

Skråmträsk Kvarn is a renovated 1940s’ mill turned café. They bake everything themselves and have been in the iconic White Guide since 2016. You can enjoy organic fine bakery goods and products, including organic flour produced in a mini-mill. The café only opens during the summer season (June 24th to August 13th). Across the street, you can check out beautiful handmade shoes with a unique design at the shoe shop. It’s a great day trip destination close to town, being only 20kms away, along the scenic Skråmträsk road..

Note: It’s always advisable to check if the restaurants and cafes are open before you go, as some are only open during the summer season and have specific schedules.

We hope you enjoy our top 10 recommendations for good food with a view this summer!


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