Unwind and paddle: A relaxing kayak trip in Kåge Bay
Unwind and paddle: A relaxing kayak trip in Kåge Bay

Unwind and paddle: A relaxing kayak trip in Kåge Bay

Sven Burman reports on the beauty of Kåge Bay on a picturesque kayaking journey, exploring the calm waters of the Skellefteå Archipelago, appreciating the breathtaking scenery, and enjoying the camaraderie of a cozy dinner with friends.

Unwind and paddle: A relaxing kayak trip in Kåge Bay
Rebecca kayaking in Kåge. Photographs: Visit Skellefteå

As Rebecca and I arrive at Kåge harbor with our kayaks mounted atop the car, Emil is already there, grinning broadly. He has navigated to the harbor by sea and is perched on the pier beside his yellow sea kayak. Living right by the Kåge River, Emil can paddle out to sea within just ten minutes—truly a luxury.

”Conditions are excellent today,” Emil remarks as he and Rebecca haul a kayak from the car to the water.

”Almost windless on the lee side, and in two or three hours, the sea will likely be calm.”

It’s 4 p.m., and our plans remain fluid, centered mainly on enjoying dinner at Bastuholmen and Storhällan, followed by coffee—always coffee.

Our route is undetermined, but we paddle out from the harbor, briefly upstream in the Kåge River, which meets the sea in a stunning delta, before veering back into the open water towards Bastuholmen. I ask Emil to share some insights about the bay, which he calls home.

”Kåge Bay is probably the most sheltered part of Skellefteå’s archipelago, making it ideal for kayaking,” he says. ”But then again, I was born and raised here, so I might be biased.”

Emil rests his paddle on his lap, allowing the river’s current to guide him while his hands trail in the cool water.


”The bay has many shallow straits and outlets, which are accessible only by kayak, making it a unique experience. Most people can paddle to Bastuholmen’s two piers at Storhällan and Lillhällan.”

Rebecca appears to have entered a meditative state, maintaining a steady pace about 100 meters ahead of us, oblivious to our leisurely progress. It’s peaceful.

By the time we dock at Storhällan’s guest pier, Rebecca has already unloaded her kayak and started preparing dinner.

”Cold potato salad with Svedjan’s farm cheese, coming right up,” she calls from the top of the hob, as Emil and I drag our kayaks ashore.

During our meal, we discuss past and future kayaking adventures, including smaller rivers, Burvik, Skellefteå river, and overnight camping on unnamed islands.

”Do you remember when we launched the kayaks in Buskösundet and paddled to Pite-Rönnskär?” I ask Emil. He and I have shared many kayaking trips and reminisce fondly about our experiences.

”Yes, we met that intrepid adventurer attempting to paddle the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish coasts in just one year,” Emil recalls.

”I remember we gave him all our coffee; he was burning 10,000 calories per day!”

We finish eating, and the weather remains warm and sunny. It’s typical for this time of year. As we paddle back to Kåge harbor, the conditions are just as Emil had predicted—utterly windless and the sea reflecting like a mirror. We glide back into the harbor, and my mind turns to planning our next kayaking adventure.

Tomorrow perhaps.


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