Create memories: Family fun in Kalvträsk
Create memories: Family fun in Kalvträsk

Create memories: Family fun in Kalvträsk

Kalvträsk is a charming and serene village located in the southwest of Skellefteå municipality. It provides a perfect retreat from the fast-paced and hectic schedules of everyday life, offering visitors a chance to reconnect with nature. Sven Burman reports.

Create memories: Family fun in Kalvträsk
Nothing beats alfresco dining in the forest. Photographs: Visit Skellefteå

The Youngman and Eriksson-Havh families have been eagerly anticipating their stay at White Mountain Lodge for several weeks, particularly the kids who are excited about the jacuzzi, sauna and paddle boards, while the adults are looking forward to hiking, fishing, and relaxation. When the group arrives at the lodge on a Thursday afternoon in mid-July, they are greeted by the owner Björn, who is dressed in work trousers and a t-shirt, sporting a big smile on his face. Björn is a friendly man who often wears work clothes, as fashion is not a priority in Kalvträsk.

The water never stops

Matthew Youngman, who is driving the first car, greets Björn and asks where they should park.

”Cabins two and three are ready,” Björn says, pointing to the timbered cabins in a row facing the water. ”Get your stuff into the cabins and come to the lodge for an introduction. I’ve made a fire and put on a pot of coffee.”

The children eagerly jump out of the cars and begin exploring the area, including the slackline, dart board, blueberry bushes, the slope down to the sauna, a frog that the boys have found, and the cold spring where the water never stops. Meanwhile, the adults sit at the massive wooden table outside the lodge made of thick sawn logs, where Björn greets them:

”Welcome to Kalvträsk. You will be completely alone here tonight since the third cottage isn’t rented, so you have the place to yourself.”

Although having only three cottages can be problematic during peak season, it is one of the charms of living here, since there are always very few people around.

Panoramic views

Björn informs the group of the many activities available, such as the jacuzzi and sauna, where to find firewood and the best trout fishing spots. Charlotta and the kids have brought their bikes and are excited to explore the area. The lodge also rents mountain bikes on site and Björn shows them the trails that start below their cabins, where they can cycle upstream along the water or downstream to reach a small beach. Canoes and SUP boards are also available. Adjacent to Kalvträsk is Vitbergens nature reserve, known for its hiking trails, with the most popular destination being the old fire tower at the top of Vitberget that offers stunning panoramic views.

However, Matthew, Emma, John, and Charlotta decide not to plan and instead enjoy the area at their own pace. They allow the kids to paddle SUP boards and swim in the calm waters, go for a bike ride, and perhaps even grill freshly caught perch or trout for dinner.

”Where do we buy fishing licenses?” John asks, hoping to catch some fish to cook over the fire.

Two glorious days

”You can easily do it yourself down by the mill,” Björn explains, pointing the way. ”A tip is to take your rods and cycle one kilometer upstream until you reach a small pond where you can definitely catch fish for dinner.”

After Björn leaves, the families enjoy the peace and freedom to do whatever they please. The children come running and break the silence, eager to test the SUP boards. Everyone except for John and Matthew, who amble 300 meters to the mill to buy fishing licenses.

This is just the beginning of two glorious days that they will always remember.


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