Västerbottens Teatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden
Västerbottens Teatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden

Västerbottensteatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden

Västerbottensteatern is one of the jewels in Skellefteå’s cultural crown, a modern powerhouse for the vibrant traditional storytelling traditions of the region. And this summer comes Wendy and Peter Pan, the theater’s extraordinary and captivating adaptation of the J.M. Barrie’s children’s classic, Peter Pan.

Västerbottens Teatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden
Wendy and Peter Pan. Photographs by Patrick Degerman.

For more than 40 years, Västerbottensteatern has been the county theater of Västerbotten, Sweden. The theater has been headquartered in Skellefteå since its inception and, in autumn 2021, moved into the newly-built Sara kulturhus (above) in downtown Skellefteå. Producing 8-10 new shows annually, the theater presents around 400-500 performances every year in Skellefteå, Umeå, and throughout the surrounding region.

Västerbottensteatern cherishes and draws inspiration from the rich and vibrant storytelling traditions of Västerbotten.

In 2018, the Nordic Storytelling Centre became part of the theater’s operations.

The theater also boasts unique expertise in its youth division, UngHästen, which uses theater as an educational tool in all levels of the school system; elementary, secondary and high schools.

Västerbottens Teatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden
Sara kulturhus. Photograph by Johan Wännerström.

Summer theater adventures await

Every summer, Västerbottensteatern stages outdoor performances. For the past five years, these productions have been held at the beautiful Medleforsparken, west of Skellefteå’s city center. This year, audiences will be treated to the summer production Wendy and Peter Pan under open skies and lush, leafy canopies, accompanied by the luscious sounds and verdant

beauty of the Klintfors river from June 14 to July 16 – it will be a magnificent adventure for all.Wendy and Peter Pan is a musical performance suitable for all ages, loosely adapted from J.M. Barrie’s classic adventure, ”Peter Pan.”

In the Västerbottensteatern production, one evening, as Wendy looks after her siblings, their vivid fantasy world suddenly springs to life. Together with the flying Peter Pan, they embark on a thrilling journey full of lost children, pirates, Captain Hook, and his ticking crocodile.

The play blends absurd humor and breathtaking drama while also exploring themes of nostalgia and longing. And all performed with stunning visuals.

A talented ensemble of actors and dancing musical artists fill the stage, performing captivating, newly written songs that will resonate with the audience long after they leave the theater.

Västerbottensteatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden
Wendy and Peter Pan

A delightful summer tradition

Bring the whole family or a group of friends to enjoy this delightful summer tradition. The performance is in Swedish, but the abundance of music, dance, and acrobatics, combined with the classic storyline, will entertain even those who don’t understand the language. A written summary in English is available upon request at the ticket booth.

Västerbottensteatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden.
Prepared for a Swedish summer during Wendy & Peter Pan, 2022. Photograph by Johan Seger

Blankets on the grass for relaxing snacks

During the intermission, refreshments will be available for purchase from coffee stands in the park, or guests are welcome to bring their own snacks and enjoy them in the stands or relax on a blanket on the grass. Attendees are advised to bring insect repellent, a seat cushion, an extra blanket for cool evenings, and a raincoat (all prepared for the Swedish summer). Join us for an unforgettable summer theater adventure with the richly imaginative Wendy and Peter Pan by Västerbottensteatern!

Västerbottensteatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden.Västerbottensteatern: A cultural gem in northern Sweden.

Wendy and Peter Pan

Location: Medleforsparken, Skellefteå

Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Dates: June 14 – July 16

For all ages




Skellefteå Turistcenter, telephone 0910-45 25 10

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