Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!
Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!

Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!

A family hike is a perfect activity as the weather warms. Our list of Skellefteå hiking trails provides a variety of walks, most of them suitable for kids of all ages.

Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!

Bjuröklubb trails

Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!
The lighthouse at Bjuröklubb

At Bjuröklubb nature reserve, there are three marked hiking trails of varying lengths. Fornstigen is a short trail of only 0.3 km located near the lighthouse. Gärdviken hiking trail is a distance of 2.4 km, located in the outskirts of the nature reserve. Lastly, Bjuröklubb hiking trail is a circular trail of 62 km. You can choose to only do half or to walk the entire distance.

Distance: 0.3-6.2 km


Start at: Each trail has a different start. See them all on a map here: https://shorturl.at/hiK36

Fällfors hiking trail

Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!
The steep ravines of Marranäsvältan.

The trail starts at Fällfors Laxcenter, passes Marranäsvältan with its steep ravines, and returns to Fällfors Laxcenter. Here you can hike near the Byske River, an undeveloped forest river with migrating salmon. The trail is located in an area with a lot of forest birds and wildlife. You can also discover the so-called sausage lakes along the trail. Along the trail, you’ll find two outdoor toilets, one at Laxcenter and the other at Marranäsvältan.

Distance: 4 km


Start at: Fällfors Laxcenter, Hälleströmsvägen 8, 930 52 Fällfors


Bissjön cultural walk

A cultural walk in an ancient agricultural village where you can hike along this beautiful cultural trail with many interesting sights. Along the trail, there are signs that tell you about typical and well-known herbs, among other things. There are also plenty of sights along the trail, such as the rock formation ”The Lying Hen,” cairns from the Bronze Age, ruins of water sawmills, mills, and a power station, and a millennium monument built of stones.

Distance: 3 km


Start at: The start is by the old saw in Bissjön, one mile northwest of Lövånger.



Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!

In the 18th century, Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist, zoologist, taxonomist, and physician who formalized binomial nomenclature, the modern system of naming organisms, walked along the Bure River towards the sea and enjoyed nature. A walk in the footsteps of the flower king is an experience even today. The trail has many nice resting places. Remember to buy a fishing license if you want to try your luck at fishing. The trail consists mostly of pine and spruce forest, and you also cross streams and rocks. There are a number of nicely located barbecue areas along the trail, three of which have shelters. Here you will find the most common berries from Västerbotten’s forests, as well as many different plants.

Distance: 2 km

One way

Start at: A parking lot 400 meters into the road Linnéstigen at Strömsholm.



Hike the path from Munkviken up into the forest land, and you will come to Vårdberget where you can almost see the whole world. But not

quite! Ideal for the whole family, about 1 km up the mountain.

Distance: 1 km

One way

Start at: Munkviken 130, 932 94 Lövånger


Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!
Dogs can enjoy the hikes too! Photograph by Lindsten & Nilsson/imagebank.sweden.se


Starting in Innansjön, west of Burträsk, the Risåleden follows the beautiful Risån River that flows into Göksjön. Along the trail, there are huts with barbecue areas and toilets adapted for the disabled. The western part of Risåleden, where road 732 forms the eastern border, is accessible for prams and people with reduced mobility.

Distance: 5 km


Start at: At the hut on the gravel road by the bridge over Risån



About a mile east of central Skellefteå is the Öbergsleden trail, which runs in varied terrain around the villages of Stackgrönnan and
Nyhamn. The trail is a loop and you can start from several places along the way. The trail goes through the nature reserve Inneviksfjärdarna, which is cool for birdwatchers. After the six-kilometer-long trail, there are barbecue areas and shelters. The trail also passes Café Kajutan, which is open during the summer.

Distance: 6 km


Start at: The school in Stackgrönnan, at Stackgrönnan’s Boat Museum, or at Nyhamnsgården.


The Experience forest on Vitberget

Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!
The Experience forest on Vitberget

At Vitberget in central Skellefteå, there are two shorter, well-marked nature trails that are suitable for both young and old explorers. There are signs along the trail where you can learn more about nature and outdoor life.


You will find the Experience forest if you follow the road to the top of Vitberget. On the left side at the beginning of the parking lot of the former Vitbergsstugan, there is a sign ”Vitbergets naturstigar.” Follow the  direction of the arrow, and you will find the information boards.

The Little Nature Trail

The Little Nature Trail is a pleasant trail suitable for all ages. Along the 400-meter trail, which is marked with colorful stones, you can learn about nature and some of our most common species of plants and animals. If you follow the trail, you’ll see wooden figures of moose, martens, and woodpeckers, among others. At each figure, there is an information board with text in English and Swedish.

Find the Lost Trail

Next to the Little Nature Trail is the Find the Lost Trail. This is an educational trail with information boards from the Civil Defence Association to teach children how to stay safe in the forest. Along the trail, you can follow the story of the boy, Vilse, who shows you how to be found more easily if you get lost in the forest.

So now you have all you need for some spectacular summer walks! Get those walking shoes and boots on!


6 tips for hiking with children

Experience the wonders of summer: These hiking trails are perfect for families!1. Preparations:

Before you go hiking with children, you should think about a few things. Children should be dressed properly with a breathable base layer, a warming intermediate layer, and an outer shell that can withstand wind and water. They should have proper shoes that can resist the wet. Wet feet are never fun. It’s perfectly OK to let the children carry a backpack, but carry their main equipment for them. Let them carry some goodies for the hike instead. Involve them in the planning stage. Without overdoing it, explain how long you will be out, what you will eat, etc.

2. Extra time and adapted pace:

When hiking with children, it’s not the number of kilometers or steps that count. It’s not the walk itself that the children will remember. Make sure there is plenty of time so that you can keep a calm pace adapted to the child. About half as fast as you would have walked if you were by yourself is suitable.

3. Frequent breaks and play time:

Take breaks often; at least one every hour. Start each break by drinking water and having something to eat so the children have something to look forward to while you hike. Take the opportunity to explore the area surrounding you. Bring a book about birds or plants and a pair of binoculars or a magnifying glass so you can discover your surroundings together.

4. Food and beverages:

If it’s ever okay to have a high sugar intake, it’s during a hike. Make sure there are raisins, dried fruit, chocolate, or nuts readily available

during the actual hike. Let the children be involved in planning the other meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, depending on whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day trip. When you make your coffee, you can make hot chocolate for the kids.

5. Games and songs help kids walk:

Children who are 6-7 years or older can hike almost any distance as long as they find it fun. It’s the motivation that sooner or later puts a stop to it. A good way to make children forget time and space is to play games, invent rhymes, sing songs, or guess riddles while you hike. You could also count birds or streams.

6. Eliminate risks and protect yourself against mosquitoes:

Kids give up if they suffer adversity. Pack dry clothes in case they get wet. Choose a hiking route that isn’t technically difficult and, last but not least, protect yourself from mosquitoes with the help of mosquito hats, spray, or gas-powered mosquito traps. (see our mosquito story)


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