Discover Skellefteå's scenic swim spots
Discover Skellefteå's scenic swim spots

Discover Skellefteå’s scenic swim spots

On sizzling summer days, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in a lake, the sea, or any inviting outdoor water source. Allow us to introduce you to the diverse swimming locales in Skellefteå, from municipality-managed sites to those overseen by local associations. Discover intimate village bathing spots and expansive seaside beaches, complete with amenities such as restrooms, cafés, and more. Whether you prefer sandy shores or rocky slabs, Skellefteå has it all. And for those cooler days, you can still enjoy a swim in temperate outdoor pools. In short, Skellefteå caters to every swimmer’s delight.

Family-Friendly Beaches:

Discover Skellefteå's scenic swim spots
Byske Havsbad. Photograph by Donna Richmond

Byske Havsbad

A haven for beach aficionados and sun-seekers, Byske Havsbad boasts a picturesque sandy beach, an engaging playground, and a diverse array of food, beverages, and activities at its neighboring five-star campsite. It’s a classic amongst beach bums and sun-worshippers. Terrific place.

Address: Bäckgatan 40, 934 51 Byske.
64.9479° N, 21.2353° E

Boviken Havsbad

Just seven kilometers north of Skellefteå, this family-friendly, shallow bay features barbecue sites, playgrounds, changing rooms, toilets, and a pristine sandy beach volleyball court.

Address: Boviksbadet 401, 931 99 Skellefteå. 64.7769° N, 21.1196° E


Set within the popular Skellefteå destination of Bjuröklubb, Storsand boasts the longest sandy beach in Swedish Lapland. The sand is light and fine-grained. On a calm day, you could easily think you were actually at a latitude far further south. Address: 930 10 Lövånger, 64.4688° N, 21.5847° E.


10 kilometers south of Skellefteå, at the heart of the quaint village of Sjöbotten, Sjöbottsand’s sandy beach is particularly favored by families with children. There are dry toilets, changing rooms, wind shelters and barbecue areas, as well as an ice cream kiosk during the season.
64.6011° N, 21.0869° E


Close to Skellefteå, this popular sandy beach offers a pristine seabed and is bordered by a soft, verdant lawn. Being so close to the city, Falkträsket is a very popular place for late-night dips after long, hot summer days.

Address: Falkträsket 22, 931 95 Skellefteå. 64.7330° N, 20.8998° E


Situated east of Bureå, this shallow, child-friendly bay features a fine sandy seabed, a volleyball court, and a changing room.

Address: Skepparvägen, 930 15 Bureå. 64.6084° N, 21.2418° E


This sandy beach near Söderbodan, east of Ostvik, offers a comfortable depth and is well-protected from cold northern winds. Address: Söderbodan 951D, 934 91 Kåge.
64.8209° N, 21.1247° E

Discover Skellefteå's scenic swim spots
Långnäset beach. Photograph by Donna Richmond.


As one of the longest lake beaches in Swedish Lapland, Långnäset is a highly child-friendly and well-suited locale for an array of beach activities. Located one kilometer outside the village of Bodbysund, towards Skellefteå and opposite the lovely town of Burträsk. Address: Långnäsudden 93793 Burträsk.
64.9501° N, 17.0923° E

Warm outdoor pools:

Discover Skellefteå's scenic swim spots
Vitbergsbadet. Photograph by Donna Richmond

Vitbergsbadet – Planned opening date 10th July 2023. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Located adjacent to Skellefteå Camping, a mere two kilometers from central Skellefteå, Vitbergsbadet offers swimming and activities for all ages, including a classic wave machine, water slides, a children’s pool, hot tubs, and jacuzzis.

Address: Slalomvägen 6, 931 70 Skellefteå. 64.7624° N, 20.9709° E°

Byske outdoor pool Situated at the five-star Byske Havsbad campsite, approximately 30 km north of Skellefteå, this delightful facility caters to the entire family, with swimming opportunities throughout the summer and expansive lawns for fun and games. Byske outdoor pool features a 125-square-meter sea-themed children’s pool and a large 25 x 12.5-meter pool for swimming and play. For thrill-seekers, the Turbo and Kamikaze slides provide added excitement. Matekan’s kiosk on the premises offers ice cream and light refreshments. A Norrland Living favorite. Address: Bäckgatan 40, 934 51 Byske. 64.9479° N, 21.2353° E

Discover Skellefteå's scenic swim spots

Swim and bathe safely:

To ensure a pleasurable and safe experience, especially when children are involved, consider these safety guidelines:

Always supervise children near, or in, water, staying close enough to lift them out if necessary.

Help children feel secure in the water by engaging in water play from a young age.

Teach children to respect the water, explaining potential dangers and prohibited actions:

Never push anyone into the water

Never hold anyone underwater

Never swim under jetties or jumping stands

Never jump or dive into unknown water

Encourage children and non-swimming adults to wear life jackets near water and on jetties.

For further information on water safety for children and adults, consult the 1177 Care Guide’s website.

The signs of drowning:
Whatever you may have seen in the movies, drowning occurs quietly and with minimal movement. Timely intervention relies on recognizing these signs:

Face facing the beach
Head tilted back with mouth open
Mouth level with the surface of the water
Closed or glassy eyes, hair obscuring face and eyes

In case of suspected drowning, immediately call 112 and alert others on the beach.


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