“We’ll see you again in August”

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Paul and Donna photographed by Caitlin Connolly.

Welcome to the fourth issue of Norrland Living. Summer’s pretty much here already and we’re marking the arrival of the midnight sun with a bumper 44-page double issue, covering June and July. This month’s magazine is absolutely crammed with ideas for summer adventures, both with kids and without. We’ve counted 76 ideas which works out at more than one a day. Bargain! And these aren’t any old ideas – these have all been road-tested by our amazing writers. Elle Vanes unloads with a mammoth guide to summer activities within striking distance of Skellefteå (p10), while Rehana Lothian offers a selection of alternative things to do (p18),  as well as a tour of climbing opportunities in and around Skellefteå  (p26). We also celebrate the return of the free music festival, Trästockfestivalen (p32), and offer thanks and praise to those in the international community who work in the health sector and helped Skellefteå get through the Covid-19 nightmare (p29). We also offer some tips on how to learn Swedish (p8), and so much more. It really is a packed issue.

Russia’s unprovoked onslaught on Ukraine was at least partially intended to prevent the expansion of Nato. But this has ended up backfiring on the Russians as both Finland and Sweden have abandoned decades of military non-alignment in a seismic shift in Europe’s security order. Over the past two centuries Sweden has carved out an enviable space embracing peace, nuclear disarmament, international mediation and support for fledgling democracies worldwide. But the actions of Russia left the Swedish government with no choice. This is a new era. Let’s hope it’s a more peaceful one. See you in August.


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