Your guide to Skellefteå supermarkets

One of the most endlessly confusing aspects of moving to a new country is dealing with a totally different range of supermarkets. With the help of your fellow newcomers, we’ve compiled this guide to help you through the maze of grocery shopping options.


ICA is the most common supermarket chain in Sweden – there are more than 12,000 stores country-wide. It’s also the brightest and friendliest of the large stores
in terms of layout and lighting. It’s renowned for its friendly, helpful staff and comprehensive selection of goods. Many retail surveys have found it to be the least expensive store, too, although the Willy’s and Lidl chains may have something to say on that claim.

What shoppers say:
”It’s a great one-stop shop for food and groceries, clothing, home goods, electrical items, gifts, stationery and books. Oh, and has good cakes, too!”
”Offers a good range of clothing for adults and kids.” ”Broad and good value homeware section.”
”ICA Maxi has a large, high-quality delicatessen with an extensive variety of fresh fish.”
”Their year-round selection of fresh berries is the best. Good selection of global foods, too.”

Norrland Living score (out of 10): 9



Coop is, as the name suggests, a cooperative organisation and likes to emphasise its connection to everyday people. In recent years, it has built a reputation for offering more organic and eco-friendly produce than its competitors, a laudable endeavour, if one that means its prices are just a tad higher.

What shoppers say:
”Has a really easy to navigate store layout.”
”Reasonable homeware section with good deals.” ”Offers a really good value ready-to-be-cooked meal in a brown bag to go. Mine have been delicious.”
”Huge fresh fruit and vegetables section. Good on organic produce, too.”
”Members get discounts on holidays, train tickets, car hire, activities and attractions. Store member cards here are generally really worth having.”
”Spacious restaurant with pretty good dagens. You can sit and chat there for an hour or two.”

Norrland Living score (out of 10): 8



Lidl operates on a no frills, ”pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap” ethos, which is completely at odds with the mainstream Swedish supermarkets. Although this does mean that there isn’t quite the range offered at bigger stores (Lidl’s Skellefteå city centre store is quite small), it does mean there are often great bargains to be had.

What shoppers say:
”Late on a Friday I bought 12 delish croissants for 50kr.” ”The only place in town to buy proper rashers of bacon.” ”A great selection of European cheese.”

Norrland Living score (out of 10): 7



Willy’s offers a fascinating blend of the cheap and cheerful and the exotic. Anyone looking for ingredients for any type of Asian or Balkan food need look no further than Willy’s. Tinned essentials are also very cheap and there’s a terrific fruit and vegetables section.

What shoppers say:
”My go-to store – saves me so much money every week.”
”The lighting is depressing but the prices and selection on offer can’t be beat. Vegetable section is grand.”
”A brilliant resource if you want to cook Asian food.”

Norrland Living score (out of 10): 7


Anna Löfgren

”My husband and I pass by Coop Ursviken on our way from work or town, and we do almost all our shopping there. It is a very convenient store but we also really like it. It is big enough so that we don’t spend too much time searching for things or queuing up to pay. The fruit and vegetables are always kept fresh, the prices are good and the staff friendly. Coop has a good card bonus system which can give you movie tickets, money back or SAS bonus points etc. It’s certainly worth having the card.

Before the pandemic, we sometimes shopped at Willy’s, a habit we will resume at least once a month now, due to Willy often having lower prices.”



  • Erbjuda
  • Rabatt
  • Kort datum
  • Valfri
  • Extra pris
  • Otroliga priser
  • Slutförsäljning
  • Hela sortimentet
  • Beställningsvara
  • Klipp
  • Tillfälligt parti
  • Gäller på ordinarie priser
  • Vid inbyte
  • Kolla priset
  • Välj ibland olika sorter
  • Offer
  • Discount
  • Short date
  • Optional
  • Extra price
  • Incredible prices
  • Final sale
  • The entire range
  • Order item
  • Cut
  • Temporary items
  • Applies to regular prices
  • When exchanging
  • Check out the price
  • Choose from different types


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