"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"
"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"

’Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car’ – Gustafssons Bil

Upon arriving in Skellefteå, newcomers face many major purchases, with cars being second only to homes. There is abundance of car dealerships in Skellefteå. Who do you trust? Beatriz Salazar López and Morteza Ruhi were glad to find Gustafssons, a dealership highly recommended by fellow new residents.

"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"
Beatriz at Gustafssons Bil

Gustafssons has an enviable reputation in Skellefteå with its wide range of cars, knowledgeable salespeople, and exceptional levels of customer service.  And the dealership came highly recommended to newcomers Beatriz (main photograph) and
Morteza (below), both by friends and new colleagues who had also had positive experiences with the dealership.

Trust means a lot

“Some friends and colleagues recommended the dealership to us and that kind of trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car,” says Beatriz. Both Morteza and Beatriz found their experience with Gustafssons to be exceptional.

As newcomers to Skellefteå, Morteza and Beatriz appreciated the dealership’s efforts to help them navigate the car-buying process in Sweden.

”They explain to you in advance and you build up a good understanding of the process, so everything moves forward smoothly with no nasty surprises,” says Morteza.

"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"
Morteza at Gustafssons Bil.

A car as soon as possible

”It was a really good experience as they gave us so much support and orientation about the car-buying process, and they helped us to get a car as soon as possible, even though we had only recently moved to Sweden and had no experience with doing any of this,” says Beatriz.

The salespeople at Gustafssons took the time to understand their customers’ needs.

As Beatriz explains, ”They are very professional; they think one step ahead, asking questions about your hobbies, your daily routines, preferences and budget in order to match the best option for you.”

"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"
Beatriz with her husband Diego.

We were very happy!

Morteza loved the service. ”Therese, the salesperson, helped me with my endless questions with patience and a smile; she was brilliant, kind and helpful,” he says.

Gustafssons also provided additional services and perks in the process, such as regular oil changes and services. Financing options were transparent and fair, according to Beatriz and Morteza. Gustafssons also kept in touch after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction.

”We are in continuous communication with them, whenever we go for a  regular service or change of tire; they are always very friendly and supportive,” says Beatriz.

Gustafssons even offered special incentives and discounts for new residents of the area. Morteza says, “We were very happy with the price we paid.” Both Morteza (pictured below) and Beatriz shared examples of how Gustafssons went above and beyond to assist them. Beatriz recalls that the staff stayed late to help her even though it was closing time.

”We had a long trip from Bureå on public transport to get to Gustafssons and we got there late but they stayed open. They were so accommodating and helpful.”

And Gustafssons even managed to abbreviate the traditional long waiting times for new cars.

As Beatriz says, “A simple and efficient solution was offered to us; we certainly got more than we expected.”

Fabulous service

Morteza also emphasized the dealership’s ability to anticipate customer needs. He says, ”Delivery time is a big challenge! But Gustafssons have a very good sense of what a customer might want. Therese, for example, had ordered ahead a combination of interior and exterior designs plus technical options, so the car that I had in mind was available, and I didn’t wait the usual eight months. Now that is fabulous service!”

Gustafssons also provided helpful information and resources about the local area, such as recommendations for local mechanics. Morteza appreciated this aspect of their service, saying, ”As they are one of the oldest car dealers in the area, they have good information about resources you may need.”

"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"
Tobias Gustafsson, owner of Gustafssons Bil

Very professional

As a result of their overwhelmingly positive experiences, both Morteza and Beatriz highly recommend Gustafssons to anyone looking to buy a car. Beatriz says, ”Definitely, Gustafssons are terrific. The client service is excellent, and the whole team is very professional.”

Totally trust them

Morteza agrees. ”First of all, they offer the best cars of the Subaru, Hyundai, and Mazda ranges, and then you really feel like you’re in good hands. You totally trust them. They are friendly and patient and try their best to find out what you want. That getting to know their customers makes them stand out. Gustafssons are very strongly recommended!”

"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"

Car showroom hours

Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm

Friday,  8am – 4.30pm

Saturday, 11am – 2pm

Telephone: 0910-137 77

Website: gustafssonsbil.se 

Address: Tjärnvägen 40, 93161 Skellefteå

"Trust means a lot when it comes to buying a car"

This content was paid for by an advertiser and produced by Norrland Living’s Creative Hub. Photographs by Donna Richmond.


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