Norrland Living Heroes - Sanna Bäckström
Norrland Living Heroes - Sanna Bäckström

Norrland Living Heroes – Sanna Bäckström

Norrland Living Heroes – an occasional series on people who helped make the idea of Norrland Living into a reality and, by doing so, have helped Norrland newbies settle in Skellefteå. Sanna Bäckström, who helped us gain three distribution points in Northvolt Ett. Sanna, we salute you!


Norrland Living Heroes - Sanna Bäckström
Sanna photographed at Northvolt Ett by Donna Richmond.

Name and title: Sanna Bäckström, Communications Associate at Northvolt Ett.

Background: Raised in Skellefteå, moved to Uppsala for university and remained working in Uppsala/Stockholm before moving back to Skellefteå to work with all things communications at Northvolt Ett.

Fun fact: I really enjoy cooking – mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisine. My favourite dish is either Korean sweet potato starch noodles (japchae) or just some simple pork dumplings.

Sanna’s Secret Sweden tip: Everyone should experience the Bothnian Bay outside of Skellefteå – personally I like going by boat, starting in Kåge or Boviken and having picnics on islands such as Bergskär.

Norrland Living Heroes - Sanna Bäckström
Take a boat from Kåge and enjoy a picnic on the island of Bergskär.


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