No business like snow business!
No business like snow business!

No business like snow business!

Alpine, or downhill, skiing in Skellefteå municipality offers everything from nursery slopes to off-piste skiing. Try the city center Vitbergsbacken slopes or venture out to Bygdsiljum, with its 13 runs and gloriously-appointed mountain-top restaurant. And all at a reasonable price. Let Ethel Engman from Visit Skellefteå be your guide.

No business like snow business!


Where: 2km north of Skellefteå center, by Skellefteå Camping.

Location: Mossgatan, 931 70 Skellefteå

Rent equipment: You can’t rent equipment and need to bring your own.

Food: You can buy fika, light takeaway food and kiosk goods at the Skellefteå Camping reception.

Website: Google ’Vitbergsbacken’

Vitbergsbacken has two lifts, two slopes, and a Fun Park with jumps and rails. There is a children’s slope equipped with a conveyor belt for the kids to ride up the hill on while they wear skis, snowboards. Also encourage to bring their sleds. There is lots of fun to be had with sleds.

No business like snow business!


Where: 16 km north of Jörn

Location: Storklinta, 930 55 Jörn

Rent equipment: You can rent skis and snowboards.

Food: There is a restaurant where you can buy food.


Storklinta (pictured above)  has six adult slopes and three children’s slopes. Their vision is that everyone, regardless of age, should be able to meet and have fun together. They value a child-safe environment where young people can play in a safe and secure place and where parents and other adults can find harmony and joy.

No business like snow business!
Klutmarksbacken. Photograph by Sophie Nyblom.


Where: 15 km south west of Skellefteå.

Location: Klutmark 323, 931 97 Skellefteå

Rent equipment: Skis are available for rent, as well as boots and helmets.

Food: There is a kiosk where you can buy simple food to eat.


Klutmarksbacken consists of three slopes and a loop at the outer edge of the children’s slope that goes into the forest. You get up the slopes with the help of a cable lift and a tow lift. This is the center of alpine sports in Skellefteå, and Alpina Klubben conducts training and holds competitions here. AKS is one of the few clubs in the country that owns and manages its own facility. This means that members in addition to participation in training activities and competition activities, have a responsibility for the operation of the facility.

No business like snow business!
Snömadrass style at Bygdsiljumbacken.


Where: 60 km south of Skellefteå.

Location: Rengårdsberget 1, 937 96 Bygdsiljum

Rent equipment: Skis, snowboards, shoes and helmets are available for rent.

Food: There is a restaurant for lunch and fika.


Bygdsiljumbacken, a compact but lively ski area, has a whopping thirteen slopes, and a children’s slope with a lift which is supervised all day. There is also a Fun Park with jumps and rails, for both the new and the seasoned skier, as well as a lovely restaurant. At the bottom of the main slope there is also a barbecue area, where you can zip down the gentle slope on a snömadrass (a kind of slippery mat very popular with kids and adults, on which you can ride on your front (pictured above, is Norrland Living’s editor enjoying a rapid slide down this particular hill).

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