What’s going on during Sportlov?

In this guide, Vicky Taylor tells us all about Skellefteå activities for the annual Swedish sports vacation, Sportlov. Whether you’re looking for outdoor action and adventures, or fun indoor activities, just make sure to plan ahead!

Hedlunda Husky, a Siberian husky dog-sledding outfit in Överklinten, Robertsfors is a bit special. They offer half-day and full-day tours as well
as evening jaunts, during which you might find yourself gazing up at the Northern Lights. The staff will even train you to drive your own team hedlundahusky.se

Vitbergsbacken, offers skiing just outside the centre of Skellefteå Skiing is an all-time classic Sportlov activity! Take a day and bring the kids to Vitbergsbacken by Skellefteå Camping. There are two lifts, two slopes, one kids’ slope, as well as a Fun Park with jumps and rails.
Also try: Bygdsiliumsbacken skiing, 20kms south of Burträsk: a great little resort with a cafe with a fab view.

Skogsgläntans 4F-gård, offers kids fun with farm animals in Byske. If your kid is an animal lover, Skogsgläntans 4F-gård can be a wonderful excursion, as kids can ride ponies, play with the animals, and learn about nature. There are horses, rabbits, goats, cats, and ducks. Kids truly love this place, and parents love that Skogsgläntans is an engaging, outdoors-friendly day out. Monday- Wednesday, 10.00-13.00.


Nordanå Kulturcentrum offers culture, nature and ice-skating in one place, for a relaxing day out. The Nordanå area is like an oasis in the city with parks, playgrounds, bird ponds and museums to see and relax by. During the winter and early spring, the duck pond is also an ice-skating rink, so bring those skates!

Boda Borg is the place to go if you and your family want a real adventure! Deep under Vitberget, you’ll find this adventure cavern with 49 rooms filled with exciting quests and challenges for you and your kids to solve.

What's going on during Sportlov?

Exploratoriet Science Centre is a fantastic place to take the kids and is Norrland Living’s favourite place to take their twin terrors. For curious kids, a trip to Exploratoriet is a must and it’s a proper buzz for grown-ups, too. Exploratoriet (above) is a space filled with interactive exhibits that you and your kids can experience, explore, and discover new things. Science has never been so exciting.

Leos Lekland is a never-ending playground especially for kids ready to play, play and play. There are jungle gyms, slides, trampolines, ball pools and little sports arenas – this place really does mean never-ending fun. Parents can join in or watch from cosy couches.

Let the kids play in the past at Barnsia at Skellefteå museum. Barnsia is a local historical learning evironment for kids. Are your kids 6 years old or younger? Let them explore and absorb the cultural heritage of Skellefteå.

Eddahallen is a brilliant swimming pool complex set just outside the centre of Skellefteå. It has six pools that are suitable for everyone from the very youngest to the oldest, as well as aids and special pools for those who are disabled. In addition to swimming, Eddahallen also offers a sauna and a jacuzzi. Swimming and playing in the pool is a fun way to spend the day for the whole family.


What's going on during Sportlov?
Photographer Conny Lundström.

A really cool outdoors activity for kids and adults is offered by Conny Lundström, who offers an expert wildlife photography experience. If photography’s your game, why not book a personal photo guide? Conny Lundström (above) offers a tailored photo experience, with possibilities to take pictures of golden eagles, woodpeckers, foxes, and sometimes even the transcendent Northern Lights. Romance or adventure – he’s got you covered.

At Skellefteå Adventure Park, you can enjoy an adrenaline-packed day among the trees on the “High Ropes Courses” which feature seven cour- ses with 59 different obstacles and combines adventure and games. A challenging activity for the brave. Kids are welcome, too, with an adult.


Of course, Sportlov is all about opportunities to move your body. Why not enjoy the outdoors with a day of hiking? Pick a trail, pack some fika, dress warmly and strap on those hiking boots and enjoy the beautiful nature that Skellefteå has to offer.

Try some old-fashioned ten-pin bowling at the bowl-tastic Bowlingkompaniet. Bowling is a classic if you’re looking for an uafternoon or evening of indoor fun. Soak up the atmosphere at Bowlingkompaniet, bowl your heart out and eat some good food. If you want to show off your dance moves, show up on one of the Cosmic Bowling days!

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